Community Member Information

For the OHA Police Department, your safety is our primary concern. We work with the community to assure the safety of individuals and property. We have compiled some valuable safety information and encourage you to familiarize yourself with the resources available. While this list is not exhaustive, it does raise awareness of the most common dangers and gives recommendations on how to reduce your risk in a number of situations. Further, the resources provided give insight into the future plans of OHAPD.

As of January 1, 2020, the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training and each local law enforcement agency shall conspicuously post on their Internet Web sites all current standards, policies, practices, operating procedures, and education and training materials that would otherwise be available to the public if a request was made pursuant to the California Public Records Act (Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 6250) of Division 7 of Title 1 of the Government Code).

Below you will find PDF versions of our Policy, Procedures and Training Manuals.  Please note, some items have been redacted because they are either privileged or confidential or otherwise exempt from disclosure under provisions of the Public Records Act or pursuant to applicable federal or state law, per California Government Code Sections 6254(b); 6254(c); 6254(f); 6254(k); and 6255.  To view relevant materials utilized by the Oakland Housing Authority Police Department please click the attached link:

Visit this space often for additional tools and resources made available for your family and your community.