Office of Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development

The Office of Real Estate Development (ORED) supports the mission of  OHA by furthering the expansion of affordable housing within Oakland.  Primarily by partnering with developers, but occasionally working on its own behalf, ORED leverages local, state, federal and private funding in order to construct new, and rehabilitate existing, affordable housing in Oakland.  Under the leadership of OHA’s Board of Commissioners, ORED staff are committed to the construction of buildings that are durable, well-designed, energy-efficient and service-enriched. 

Since its creation as an OHA department in the year 2000, ORED has facilitated the construction of over 1,000 housing units for very-low, low- and moderate-income families. 


Bridget Galka, Acting Director of Real Estate Development​




​Asset Management

The Asset Management department was created to monitor the physical and financial performance of third party management companies that have been contracted to manage six of OHA’s eight public housing communities. Please contact the property management company directly for assistance.​ 
Anna Kaydanovskaya, Director of Asset Management

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Office of Real Estate Development
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