How to Become a Section 8 Landlord

Partnering with OHA comes with benefits!

Learn about the Section 8 Owner Benefits Program​.

Getting Started

You do not need to sign-up or fill out an application to get started with Section 8. The steps for getting started are listed below.

1. Advertise your property. OHA can help you advertise your property directly to Section 8 participants for free and we print Section​ 8 rental listings bi-weekly for Section 8 participants.


2. Screen & select a tenant. You should screen​ ​prospective Section 8 tenants just like you screen other prospective tenants.


3. Set up an OHA inspection. Fill out the paperwork your prospective tenant gives you to schedule an appointment. Learn more about Housing Quality Standards​ (HQS) inspections.


4. Prepare for the inspection. Carefully go over the Tenant & Owner Inspection Checklist​​ and prepare the necessary paperwork​.


5. Attend the inspection. OHA will inspect the unit for basic health and safety and will usually discuss the rent and take care of the necessary paperwork at the inspection.


6. Execute an OHA Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract. After passing an inspection, completion of all required paperwork and OHA's approval of the contract rent, OHA and the Landlord can execute a HAP contract.​


7. Maintain Landlord/Tenant Relationship. Maintain your property in accordance with HQS and pass annual inspections.


Does OHA screen Section 8 participants? NO. OHA does not pre-screen Section 8 participants or check the credit or eviction history of applicants. You should screen and select Section 8 applicants the same way you screen other prospective tenants.​​​​