Required Documents at Move-In

The paperwork listed below should be submitted at the time of your Move-in inspection.

Lease Agreement

If you currently use a standard Lease Agreement (sometimes called a Rental or Tenancy Agreement) with private market tenants, you must use this same Agreement for your Section 8 tenants.

If you do not have unassisted tenants you may still use your own Lease Agreement. OHA does not recommend that you write your own Lease Agreement without legal guidance. Where can I get a Lease Agreement?

Please bring your Lease Agreement to the move-in inspection so it can be signed by your tenant and reviewed by OHA. OHA must review your Agreement and attach a Section 8 Addendum before the Housing Assistance Payment Contract can begin.


Notices & Disclosures

Please check to make sure the lease you will be using has all the notices and disclosures required by local and state laws. 

You should also bring your House Rules and/or any other addenda you want to attach to the Lease Agreement.


Proof of Ownership

​​Click here for the HAP Contract Amendment Form​​​.


W-9 Form

You will also need to sign an IRS W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form. Click here for OHA's W-9 ​form​.


Agent Agreement

You will need to give OHA a copy of your Agent Agreement if you want to give a property management company or a family member authorization to act on your behalf (sign contracts, access private information, receive checks). The Agreement should clearly state what authorization is given to the individual or company.