Reserve Police Unit

Interested in an exciting career with the Oakland Housing Authority Police Department?

The Oakland Housing Authority Police Department Reserve Police Officer Program started in 2004 as a pilot program to supplement the full-time police officer staff.  In 2006 the Housing Authority Police Department was able to make legislative changes to the California Penal code so that the Department can start its Reserve Police Officer Program.  Since then our Reserve Program has been very successful.  Our Police Department is committed to the Reserve Unit and commonly uses its Reserve Officers as a hiring pool for Reserve Officers wishing to make the jump into a full-time Police Officer position.

Our Reserve Officers come from all walks of life, each with different qualities.  The duty of the Reserve Officer is to mostly supplement the full-time officers.  Level 2 and 3 Reserve Officers work strictly with full-time officers; however Level 1 officers can work alone sharing the same duties and responsibilities as a full-time officer.  Our program is designed so that persons can keep their regular career in the private sector and volunteer their duties as a Reserve Officer.  Reserve Officers enjoy the best of both worlds; maintaining their chosen career while helping to police the communities we serve. In the State of California over 600 law enforcement agencies currently employ nearly 6200 reserve officers.

Reserve peace officers may perform a number of general and specialized law enforcement assignments, including but not limited to:

  • Uniformed patrol
  • Investigations
  • Special events
  • Dispatch
  • Parking Enforcement

Reserve officers are required to meet the same selection standards (e.g. personal history investigation and medical, psychological and polygraph screening) as full-time regular officers


Our Reserve Police Officers are not paid, but you will be provided all of your standard uniform and safety equipment i.e. bullet resistant vest, firearm, TASER, leather gear, inclement weather gear and other related police equipment. 

Reserve Officers will also be provided with at least 24 hours of continued professional training every 2 years as mandated by the Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.).  These courses include firearms, legal update courses and perishable skills training.  Our Department also has numerous POST certified instructors in Defensive Tactics, Police Baton, Firearms, TASER and Bicycle Patrol.  All training and expenses are provided at no-cost and our Reserves train side by side with the full-time officers.

Reserve Officers are also covered under California Workers Compensation benefits if injured in the line-of-duty.

The duties of the different levels of reserve officer are described below:

Level III Penal Code sections 830.6(a) (1) and 832.6(a) (2)

  • Level III reserve officers may perform specified limited support duties, and other duties that are not likely to result in physical arrests, while supervised in the accessible vicinity by a Level I reserve officer or a full-time regular officer. Additionally, Level III reserve officers may transport prisoners without immediate supervision.  

Level II Penal Code sections 830.6(a) (1) and 832.6(a) (2)

  • Level II reserve officers may perform general law enforcement assignments while under the immediate supervision of a peace officer who has completed the Regular Basic Course. These officers may also work assignments authorized for Level III reserve officers without immediate supervision.

Level I Penal Code sections 830.6(a)(1) and 832.6(a)(1)

  • Level I reserve officers may work alone and perform the same duties as full-time regular officers.


Most Bay Area Community Colleges and other educational institutions that have an Administration of Justice Program do sponsor the necessary training for each level of Reserve Officer.  There are several colleges within the nine Bay Area Counties which offer these programs throughout the year.

Reserve Officer Level III courses normally will last one full semester (162 hours).  Contact the training facility of your choice to determine the availability and schedule of the next class.   You can also find a list of all course offered in the State by visiting the P.O.S.T. website at:


First, determine if you meet the current minimum qualifications for Reserve Police Officer.  Please remember that your training must be kept current.  If you do meet each of the requirements, feel free to apply when positions are open. Click here​ to learn more.

Complete the application online and print the document.  Attach a copy of your applicable Peace Officers Standards & Training certificates with the application and send it to the address listed below.


If you needed additional information or wish to submit your application, you can do so by mail at:

Oakland Housing Authority Police Department

Sgt. Aida DuPree​, Reserve Coordinator

1180 25th Ave

Oakland, California 94601