Resident Advisory Board (RAB)

The OHA Resident Advisory Board (RAB) was created as a resident organization that represents the interests of residents at large and participates in the annual planning process. The first RAB was recruited, nominated and trained during the 1999-2000 fiscal year and since that time the RAB has met regularly and continues to provide valuable input to OHA's Annual Plan and HUD reports, as well as other issues that have impacted the agency over the years. The RAB is actively engaged in several projects, including providing editorial oversight of the OUR Voice newsletter and most recently, developing and opening the first city-wide Resident Leadership Center.​

The current RAB's work revolves around its Vision focusing on health and wellness​, education, public safety, and civic engagement. Click here for the meeting schedule and agendas​.

RAB Mission

To ensure that Public Housing Residents and Section 8 Participants of the Oakland Housing Authority (OHA) actively participate in the decision-making process regarding OHA policies and procedures, are actively engaged in their community and are building leadership skills. ​

RAB Eligibility

To become a RAB member, you must be at least 18 years of age and in “good standing” before consideration. 

Joining the RAB

Eligible residents must be nominated by an OHA staff or residents before May and December of the calendar. All nominations will be submitted to the Board of Commissioners for official appointment. Nominations to the RAB are made from a variety of departments including the Office of Property Operations​, Leased Housing, Family & Community Partnerships and OHA residents. All nominations are then forwarded to the Executive Office where the list is reviewed for final consideration. New members are identified from resident interest and from participants in leadership programs including Parent Cafes, OHA Resident Leadership programs, the OHA Volunteer Program and the Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program.​​​​​​