Field Operations-Services

The Field Operations function includes Patrol, Crime Prevention, Special Operations, Recruitment Fleet and equipment, Reserve Officer Unit, Canine, and Training and POST Compliance.  The function is staffed by 21 sworn members.  Four patrol squads, and one crime prevention squad provide patrol services and proactive policing, in addition to various community events. Community policing is the department's dominant operating philosophy.   

OHAPD’s Crime Prevention Unit believes in working together with the community to make Oakland a safe and pleasant place to live. The Crime Prevention Unit works closely with residents, schools, community groups, businesses and other Authority and City Departments.

Squad Supervisors
Sergeant Casey Mooningham, Squad-6 Supervisor, (510) 535-3124​
Sergeant Kenneth Nielsen, Squad-4 Supervisor, (510) 535-3156
Lieutenant Luther DuPree, III, Squad-1, Supervisor, (510) 535-3157
Sergeant Joshua Ruiz, Special Assignment, (510) 535-3123​​