Effective March 17, Portability activity for both incoming and outgoing processing 

is suspended until further notice during the current public health crisis. 


Portability is the term used to describe Section 8 participants who move into or out of the Oakland Housing Authority jurisdiction using their Housing Choice Voucher (HCV). If, after one year, a resident would like to move to or from Oakland using their HCV, they may do so provided they identify another Housing Authority (anywhere in the United States) that will accept their voucher and will agree to the terms set forth by the OHA contract. 

OHA Portability Policy Change

Effective July 1, 2015, the Oakland Housing Authority will no longer process outgoing portability to Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, Santa Clara and Solano Counties. Click for a list of all cities within these counties​​.

Porting into Oakland

Follow these directions to initiate the Port-In process:

  • ​​Contact your current/Initial Housing Authority to determine if you are eligible to port or transfer.
  • Request that your Initial Housing Authority prepare your portability packet.
  • Confirm with the Initial Housing Authority if your packet may be hand delivered or if it must be mailed to OHA. Your sealed packet must be delivered (either by mail or in person, if permitted) to:

Oakland Housing Authority

Section 8 Portability 

1540 Webster Street

Oakland, CA 94612

  • NOTE: OHA does not accept faxed portability packets at this time.
  • Call (510)587-2100 to find out if we have received your packet.
  • Make an appointment with OHA's portability Rep after your packet has been received (or when you deliver it to us). Call (510)578-2100 to make a portability appointment.

Give OHA all the necessary paperwork: If any of the following items are missing from your portability packet you may be asked to provide them to OHA before we can complete your transfer:

  • Valid, government-issued identification (i.e. driver's license)
  • Birth Certificates for everyone in your household
  • Social Security cards for everyone in your household
  • Income verification for everyone in your household
  • A copy of the 30-day notice you gave your landlord (if you were renting through Section 8 with another Housing Authority)

Remember you have an obligation to provide all necessary paperwork to the Oakland Housing Authority. Learn more about your Participant Obligations​​.

NOTE: If you are a new Section 8 tenant (this is your first Voucher) your income must be below OH​A's Income Limits​Housing Authorities often have different Income Limits, Payment Standards and Subsidy Standards (the number of bedrooms you qualify for). Always verify this information when you move to a new Housing Authority.


Porting Out of Oakland

​Below are instructions for how to initiate the Porting process to a jurisdiction outside of Oakland using your HCV

Current Section 8 Participants:

  • Make sure you are eligible to port out of Oakland. Look at your Voucher, if it says "Ineligible to Port" you cannot move outside of Oakland until the end of your first year.
  • Contact your Housing Representative to let him/her know you want to port out of Oakland. If you do not know who your Representative is, please call (510)587-2100 to find out.
  • Fill out the Request for Portability​ form and give it to your Representative. Your Representative will use this form to prepare your portability packet.
  • Your portability packet will be ready in approximately 20 business days.
  • Transfer your paperwork: We will notify you when your portability packet it ready for pick up for mail or hand delivery. If you plan to hand deliver it, check with your Receiving Housing Authority first to find out if they accept hand-delivered packets and make sure you do not open your packet before giving it to them.

NOTE: Housing Authorities often have different Income Limits, Payment Standards and Subsidy Standards (the number of bedrooms you qualify for). Always verify this information when you move to a new Housing Authority.​​​​​