End of Participation

There are several reasons why your participation in the Section 8 program might end. The list below gives a general summary. 


Voluntary Request to End 

Participant must submit a written request in person or by mail to the Leased Housing department at 1540 Webster Street, Oakland, CA 94612. Upon receipt of written request OHA will initiate the formal termination process. 


One Year of Zero Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) on Behalf of the Participant Family

OHA allows participants receiving a HAP of zero ($0) to remain on the program for up to 12 months before being terminated from the program. To learn more about the program extension for households receiving zero HAP, refer to the Moving to Work (MTW) Plan.


Non-Compliance with Program Obligations

OHA may propose termination of your program participation if you fail to meet one or more of the Participant Obligations or  if you or a household member is found to have violated a Section 8 Program rule such as criminal activity or fraud. To learn more about the Section 8 program rules, please review the OHA Administrative Plan.


Death of a Single Person Headed Household

Program participation terminates automatically upon the death of a single member household, including single member households with a live-in aide. When the Head of Household dies and the only remaining household member is the live-in aide, the live-in aide is not entitled or eligible for any rental assistance or continued occupancy in a subsidized unit. The PHA will submit an End of Participation Form 50058 to HUD.


Notification of Proposed Termination

If OHA proposes termination of Section 8 program participation, written notification of the reason(s) for the proposed termination will be provided and the participant will be informed of all rights and responsibilities. 

  • The notice will provide details of the right to an informal hearing
  • Upon receipt of the participant's written request for an informal hearing, OHA will schedule the hearing and provide written notification of the hearing date, time and location. The participant will also have the opportunity to present to OHA, in advance of the informal hearing, any evidence that supports the participant's opposition to the proposed termination. 
  • At the time of the scheduled informal hearing, the participant may present any additional evidence that supports the request to continue participation in the Section 8 program. The participant is also encouraged to bring legal representation.